Local Hugo Deploy S3

Paul Goulbourn
Before I jump to an automated GitHub -> S3 deployment for Hugo, I needed to get hugo deploy working for me locally to write changes directly to S3 once I’m happy with a post. I’m a little paranoid about AWS credentials for obvious reasons, so for local work, I like to have specific profiles in my ~/.aws/credentials file. These look like : [hugo] aws_access_key_id=c3VwZXIgc2VjcmV0IHVzZXI= aws_secret_access_key=SSdtIG5vdCB0aGF0IHN0dXBpZAo= Where the given user Hugo has specific access only to the S3 bucket being published to along with the ability to invalidate a cloud front distribution.

Starting With Hugo

Paul Goulbourn
I’ve been avoiding posting blog content for a while, in fact it’s been a very long while. Initially, this was due to my previous employment, and now having served a years garden leave it feels like it would be worth updating a few things here in the blog. Heads up to @jbstans for reminding me that Hugo existed, so this is a little attempt at moving away from Blogspot to something more appropriate for me.