Mouse Pointer Madness

Due to a “thermal issue*” I had to upgrade my core Linux box today. I ended up with an AMD3000 and nForce2 motherboard from Maplin as that was the current bundle on sale.
Linux did a magnificent job of just getting on with the new hardware on the reboot (in contrast to the XP partition which ended up in a re-install), the only issue was that once the new nvidia drivers had launched the mouse developed a personality all of its own. Whilst under my control for much of the time, it would occasionally have a moment where it decided to go and do its own thing. Random clicks and a preference for either the top right or bottom left of the screen can really spoil your day.

It turns out that this little gem is a combination of running a KVM switch (mine is a Belkin) and a faster processor. Adding the kernel boot param of


on the end of the kernel line in /boot/grub/grub.conf is the solution.

*“thermal issue” - defn - allowing an internal cable to foul the processor fan overnight, don’t try it bad things happen!