Fedora Core 2 - Oracle Upgrade Fun

After waiting for a while, I finally upgraded my Fedora Core 1 box to Core 2. In general fairly painless and I’ve noticed some general increases in performance - the GUI is snappier and my Java applications are benchmarking 10-18% quicker.

My only real problem was that my original 9i instance will not start up under Core 2 whatever I do. I jumped through every hoop I could find on google for looking at how to deal with the dreaded shared memory issues, but nothing worked for me.

In the end I gave up and installed 10g instead, the normal install issues apply like -IGNORESYSPREREQS to get around the distribution name. The install worked for me aside from the default database generation, this trick fixed that issue for me eventually.

It also imported my dumps from 9i seamlessly and the new enterprise manager web console is very cute.