Importing Blogger to Hugo

I have a bunch of historic content that I created on Blogger many years ago.

The vast majority of it is about devices and technology that are long since out of use for me (ant and Zaurus PDAs anyone?). However, on the off chance that anyone is interested in the excitement generated by wonders such as Skype incoming phone numbers back in 2005. I have migrated the content over to Hugo.

I’ve had a play with a few of the tools linked from the Hugo site and settled with blog2md.

Given the low volume of posts (60-70) that I had to bring across, it has done a great job. I’ve had to make a few minor edits, mainly replacing how the code had originally been marked up. Moving over to MarkDown code blocks with syntax highlighting for java ('''java) and XML('''xml) was the core of the work. The early 2000s seemed to be a time with a lot of XML in my life, I need to remember that and be grateful next time I’m raging at errors in YAML.