JBoss forums/support

Earlier this month I found a minor problem with how JBoss AS deals with web service handlers returning false. It looked like a bug as I could reproduce it on both JBoss 4.0.2 and JBoss 4.0.3RC1 so I dropped a note onto the forum.

I got a quick professional response agreeing that it looked like a bug, and was requested to produce a simple ear that demonstrated the fault. It was a busy day at work, so I waited until the evening to create an example. Following morning I visited the bug description in Jira JBWS-544 and found it had already been fixed! I then had a choice of either waiting for the next release (4.0.4RC1 is estimated as 31/12/05) or taking the changed source and applying it to the web services version I was using. Fifteen minutes later I had a trivial patch I could apply to our development server and the JBoss unit tests to prove it worked.

The point of this post is that this is a fantastic level of service that would be near impossible to match from a closed source vendor.

Top job JBoss.