Skype in the field

As promised an update after spending a week with Skype in the field.

I’ve just returned from a week at JavaOne and used nothing else for calls.

The overall summary is that it was excellent, I made around 3 hours of Skype-Skype calls, and about two hours of SkypeOut to landlines in Europe. Both where excellent, most where made from wireless connections with speeds around 2-5Mbs. The only time I had any trouble, was with an open wireless connection from a neighboring hotel that had the habit of going away from time to time, and nothing was likely to work under those conditions.

The video also worked fine, with the exception of being able to keep up with my four year old boy running around (think Dash from the Incredibles). Its great to be able to see the folks at home on such trips, I can only reccomend it to all. The mini webcam and headset are going to be the first things I pack for all future trips!