Friday, July 18, 2003

Presentation Help

My earlier post about JavaOne, and the general standard of the sessions being stronger this time led to me being mailed this. It is a presentation by Mark Jason Dominus on how to give a technical presentation. the slides are good and a video of the presentation is available from here.

Friday, July 11, 2003

More Linux Stuff

The hot spell of weather in the UK left my home office unbearable earlier this week. I decided that the time had come to consolidate all the network printers and mail service onto the RedHat server so I could switch off a couple of boxes.

I managed to get the printers running under Samba really quickly with no problems, the fun started when I tried to see the shares from the XP system. It took ages to work out that the issue was simply the firewall on the RedHat box stopping the UDP browse requests. For future reference I needed to open UDP 137-139 and TCP 161.

For several years I�ve been using VPOP3 on an XP box as a local pop3 cache from my Demon accounts. VPOP3 is a great piece of software and I�d recommend it to anyone who needs to manage a small number of accounts, moving away from this was purely to turn a machine off rather than to any comment on the software.

I�ve been using SpamAssassin from my email client Evolution for some time, but decided as part of this install to run it on every piece of incoming mail.

The setup I�ve ended up with is fetchmail picking up the mail from a series of POP/IMAP servers with the families mail accounts on them. A simple cron script picks mail up from these every 20mins or so. All the mail is then filtered through SpamAssasin via procmail. I�ve about 6months worth of spam/ham that I�ve used to train up the Bayesian filters and the strike rate seems pretty good.

Mail is then presented to the local network via pop3s. Everything seems to be holding together well, and not leaving the extra two machines on has made a big difference to the room temperature!