Monday, June 23, 2003


Well the Jet-Lag from the return flight from JavaOne is finally beginning to fade. I thought I should make a note of what I thought the significant announcements seemed to be:

  • Sun want to get Java being used by significantly more developers. They are claiming 3million now and are aiming for 10 million. Project Rave is one of the ways they are tying to do this (IMHO aimed squarely at the VB crowd). Many on the language enhancements for the 1.5 (Tiger) release are aimed to make the language easier to use.

  • Fantastic news - Java is going to be more friendly on the desktop, double clicking the tray icon isn't going to launch the console anymore - it will do something the end users understand! In general Sun seem to have recognised that the Java brand needs to be articulated to the public at large. The launch of as an end user destination is another part of this stratergy (along with a cool Matrix inspired advert "Java is Everywhere" - wonder if we will ever see that in the UK?)

  • Dell/HP are putting the Java runtime onto every machine they ship, I guess this may put some pressure on the other vendors and will help with the fact that Microsoft are no longer bundling it in with the OS.

  • Mac hardware looks really cool and appears to run all the tools I use daily really well - very very tempting, if I could connect back to the vpn of one of my customers with it then it is looking really compelling.

  • General comments, the attendance was down from when I attended last (2001) but it is still a very big conference. The quality of the technical sessions was stronger than last time (I left fewer sessions early this time).