Monday, January 27, 2003

JBoss Help
I got some useful feedback on the questions about seeing what is going on under the bonnet in JBoss. Apparently I'm not missing anything and the solution is to roll your own cache/pool implementation that provides some statistics. Sounds like this is my chance to put something back into the JBoss project. As an interim solution its also been suggested to me to add a simple static to the classes I want to monitor and then maintain/log a count through the ejbCreate,ejbRemove,ejbActivate,ejbPassivate methods.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Looking under the bonnet in JBoss
I've recently moved an application over to JBoss as part of replacing a Corba application. Everything is going well and performing fine, but I've one nagging question. Other EJB servers I've used have provided some kind of interface into the container that tells you how many beans of a particular type are active, the usage levels of the database pools etc. I'm aware of the /jmx-console/ support for viewing the services through JMX, but I've not been able to find this information. If you know better then let me know.
Wrong Day to Start
I finally choose to post some content....and then suddenly half the root nameservers fall off the internet. Info at Slashdot, maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

I guess I should explain why I've finally decided to maintain a blog. To be honest I've always been a little sceptical about blogging, but recently I've started finding useful information in other peoples blogs. As an attempt to put something back I'll try to write a few words on what I've been up to. If you find anything interesting contact me.